Welcome to the Cedar Inn

Universally described as the ‘Queen of Hills’, Darjeeling is unique in its versatality and is at once, both old and new!

Cedar Inn – The boutique hotel, is located high above the main town, nestling amidst groves of evergreen trees in serene environs. The hotel location is arguably its greatest asset, setting it above and apart from the hustle of downtown and offering a visual treat of spectacular mountain vistas. The view is without a doubt one of the most memorable in the world.Extensive hand crafted woodwork adorns the interiors, adding, warmth and a touch of Traditional elegance, while exotic Himalayan foliage and the soothing sound of rippling water bring the outdoors in.

Live music by the best local artists everyday entertains the guests and sets in the mood for a perfect evening.
Our Guest are priority and thus all efforts are extended to enable a pleasant and memorable stay, attributing special focus to the culinary preferences of the residents. The hotel is also perfectly equipped for seamless conduction of business conferences and related events.